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We are currently taking reservations for our 2019 BB x Boo litter of puppies. These parents have consistently produced outstanding puppies in the past: for hunters, scent detection dogs, partners for dogsports, and companions for families that enjoy an active lifestyle. Owners report intense desire to hunt, confident searches, stylish points, avid retrieves, smooth movement and sweet temperament. Pups will be ready to go to their new homes mid-April, 2019. Our Brittanys are purpose-bred, athletic working dogs from field lines. If you're interested in reserving a puppy, please complete the screening form. Learn more
Photos are at:

Congratulations to Boo on another Elite High in Trial win in UKC Nosework. He searched an Exterior area over 3000 square feet, to find 3 hides in under 38 seconds (Calgary, June 2018).

vite photoVite is retiring and I’m looking for a home without any pets where she can just be a dog lying in the sunshine and relaxing. CH Huntersheart Prairiestorm Vite NPV, FDJ, AgNV, AgNJV is Canada’s #3 agility Brittany and lives with us in Calgary, Alberta. At age 11, unfortunately Vite does not like our 6-month-old puppies. She would be happier in a home where she is the one and only dog, with 100% of the attention and room to run. She enjoys pointing birds and travels well. She has a reliable off leash recall, although I would always ensure it’s a safe area since she’s a fast runner who can cover large distances quickly. Provided that she gets her exercise, Vite loves to snuggle and follow her people around. OFA & CERF’d while in our breeding program, Vite has been spayed. She’s a liver Brittany, healthy and up to date in vaccinations. Photos:
Email Carla Simon at for info.

Three Hunter’s Heart Brittanys are in Canada’s Top 5 Agility Brittanys! Video highlights are at:
• #2 is Boo (CH Huntersheart Reddevil Fantome CGN FDJ MN EC EV EI AGNJ AN SGDC SDS-SP TNN). In 2017, Boo finished his Masters Nosework Title with High in Trial win in UKC (the world’s 2nd largest international kennel club)
• #3 is Vite (Ch. Huntersheart Prairiestorm Vite NPV, FDJ, AgNV, AgNJV). This is Vite’s third year in the Top 3 Canadian Brittanys, following in the footsteps of her sire Chief, Canada’s #1 Agility Brittany from 2005 – 2008, AAC. Vite was #1 Agility Brittany in 2015 and #2 Agility Brittany in 2016. Owner/Handler: Carla Simon, Breeder: Danielle Greanya.
• #4 is BB (National High in Trial Agility Brittany, Huntersheart Black Betty AgNJ) is Vite’s youngest daughter.

Congratulations to Hunter's Heart Jager (from our BB x Boo 2017 litter) on been selected by Canadian Border Services Agency for its narcotics and firearms detection training program in Montreal. CBSA assessed his skills off leash, outdoors, by hiding one ball in trees and rewarding with a second ball, similar to the Scandinavian Working Dog Institute protocols.

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(Updated Jan. 26, 2019)

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